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Thanks Peter, i wish just those plain facts could be broadcast to the public

with even moderate reception/recognition.

But on a brighter note:


Camacho .vs. Biden

a grudge match

(i'd buy that for a dollar)

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“That he has done dozens of things that have adversely affected oil exploration, drilling, and refining is an inconvenient bit of fact that his water carriers in the press ignore, deflect, and hide, and so the voters he's targeting with this bit of theater remain in the dark.”

I’ve said for ages - it’s the role of the Republicans, in their campaigning, to set this record straight. Include a smidge of economic education, hammer home incessantly the things Biden has done to decrease the fuel supply. They’re astonishingly inept at getting a message out, astonishing because they have political minds, consultants, resources, ad-writers, campaign managers, etc., yet they’re perpetually inept at this. They focus on the same emotional approach, but from the opposite angle. And when Emotional Player 1 is promising Stuff, and Emotional Player 2 is telling people they need to grow up, take personal responsibility, work hard, etc., it’s easy to see that the playing field when playing this game is tilted in favor of 1. The Republicans need to be playing a different game, but they never do.

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Great piece!

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Cliche or not, Idiocracy is where we're headed sadly. Great piece Peter

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Some additional details worth mentioning:

Personnel is policy. Most of the actions taken by the Biden administration are at the order of the heads of various three-letter agencies under his purview. This includes the numerous policies that have restricted oil & gas supply. When the appointees directly responsible for these policies are questioned in interviews, they answer along these lines:

"Well, we're going through an energy transition..."

Which is a less candid way of saying, “Under my plan … rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

They did it, and it's intentional. We know it, they know we know it, but they still lie about it.

We need a new term for this phenomenon, as gaslighting doesn't seem appropriate. Greenlighting? Maybe Sustainable Narrative Manufacturing.

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